Absolut Reader

The next generation e-book reader.
Free, opensource, highly customizable and featuring Chaimager.

Beta 0.1.3 available on Google Play Store!

A special thanks to Tempest for making it possible.

But...what is this?

Absolut reader aims to bring you a completely new and diferent e-book reader to all usual platforms, mobile, and Pc. Most reading apps out there have some common issues that we want to solve: the user needs to have a 99% customization experience, and a nice and modern looking app without having to pay for this features (like many apps do). Being open-source anyone can join and help coding, and new requested features can be easily added.

Dev status

This app in currently in Beta version, and can be downloaded via X, Github or this website. The code is 100% opensource at our github page, so you don´t have to worry about malware :).

Please be aware that bugs might happen, since we are still in Beta. We give a special thanks to everyone who helps us finding them, or giving ideas and feedback.

For those who want to contribute, we always welcome the help of React native and Java developers for the app, but also translators, and people who write better than us (Well, explaining some stuff is actually hard). Check out our Github page if you are interested.

The ultimate card: Chaimager

You probably are here because of Chaimager, our special plugin to help you out with the reading of books with many characters. But, what is it? - you ask. Well, was a project started by xVal, that consisted of an app created to help everyone who forgets the charachters´names, given that our brain can easily identify faces, (but that does not work that well when talking about the names). No Human can remember that carachter that appeared once 7 chapters before. Now, we decided to implement it in a full e-book reader, with many other tools. You can create a Chaimager file, add an image for each character name and a small bio, to merge with a book. Our tool "The Forge" will then add those files together, and create a new book, with annotations of every character. You just have to click the name that you don´t remember, and a pop up with the information will appear.

Functionalities of AbsolutReader

Some of these are already implemented, others not (marked with *).


Chaimager does not let you forget the characters´ names again! You type in a keyword, and the pdf will be edited so that everytime you click on that name, an information pop up will appear.

Completely free and OpenSource

Anyone is welcome to join our project, and it is completely free to use. The source code is also completely open.


Change everything you want, from the background color, to the library style. *

Cloud ready

Never loose your track just because you don´t have your mobile next to you. Keep reading everywhere, since your files can go to the cloud. *

Track your progress

With an account system, check out what your friends are reading, your progress and have full control over your profile. *

Multi platform

Read on your android, IOS, or Windows device! *